LAN Aftermath!

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The August 5th LAN went off without a hitch (well only one).  Thank you so much to everyone that came, played, helped set up, pick up, and donated posters (Carson)!  The library ended up being a great spot.  Internet was super fast, the network was super fast and we had lots of room.  The only minor problem we ran into is that the library shuts off their internet at 10:00 p.m.  In the future we’ll see if there is anything we can do about that, if not we will just start the gaming a little earlier to compensate.  Plus, bonus, I am about to send off a check to Eagle Mount for $50.  Thank you to everyone who donated despite our ample seating! :-)  Expect an announcement in the next couple of days regarding the date of our next LAN!

P.S. Check out the photos of the event on the new photo page.

1:10 p.m. 8-6-2010 We are officially ready

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The library is set up and ready to go!  Stop by whenever you would like!

P.S. Internet is super fast.

LAN Party this Friday!

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LAN Party is this Friday the 6th at the Bozeman Public Library!  We’re all excited and ready to go!  Kevin and Peter have been practicing StarCraft II so they’ll be awesome at it when the time comes.  I thought I would be super smart and get my copy of StarCraft II from Dell for $45.  That’s a savings of $15 American dollars.  Unfortunately that means I don’t get my copy until Tuesday.  Carson Welch and his design company Uncharted Depths Design donated some incredible posters we have hung up around town.  I have a couple left that I will bring to the LAN in case anyone wants one to adorn their study or home library.  Heather from Game Stop in the mall donated a gigantic StarCraft II box that we will also be giving away (assuming I don’t accidentally destroy it beforehand).  If you cut arm and head holes it would work wonderfully as a Halloween costume.

There has been some talk about having a tournament.  We will not officially be hosting a tournament this time around just because this is our first time at the Library and we don’t know how well everything will work quite yet.  However, if the internet turns out to be adequate, and there is interest, we will set up an ad-hoc tournament as a testing grounds for future events.


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Got the 24 porter on Thursday and just got the box full of 5 porters today.  We are officially ready to go.

Event version 1.1: LAN Party at the Library

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Our first event under the new Digital Engine LAN moniker is going to be held Friday August 6th at the Bozeman Public Library.   Festivities will begin around 3:00 p.m. (we need time to set up!) and end around midnight.  There is a good chance that this LAN will be heavily StarCraft 2 themed so if you want to play please come with everything patched and ready to go.   Seat reservation purchase option will be up soon.

Questions?  Call me at 406-209-5799 or e-mail

First Post!

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After hosting the LAN for Kids event almost a month ago we knew we wanted to do more! The first event taught us a ton and so going forward we will be making a couple changes.

First, events will be held at the Library from now on. We are able to use the Library for free which is fantastic because room rental was a big expense the last go around.

Events will be much cheaper (or free). We are not allowed to accept any money for events we hold at the Library but we would still very much like to continue to help various charities and non-profits around town so we will sell reserved seats (possibly other cool things) on the site for $5.  Every penny of that will go to the charity of the month.  If you don’t wish pay you do not have to – just show up ready to game.

We will either take pizza orders at the event or have some available to buy. Drinks will also be available for purchase.

Finally, we had some awesome sponsors for the LAN for Kids event that let us use their switches but going forward we knew we should have the equipment in house. To that end we bought a 24-port gigabit switch and 10 5-port gigabit switches so we have the whole networking setup ready to go at a moments notice and it is all gigabit!

We’re hoping to hold events once every 1-1.5 months but it will depend largely on the availability of the Library meeting rooms. We will be sure to announce them well before hand here and on the facebook group page. E-mail me (Mike Archer) at or post any questions you’ve got here and I’ll do my best to answer.