LAN Aftermath!

Posted: 18th August 2010 by admin in Events
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The August 5th LAN went off without a hitch (well only one).  Thank you so much to everyone that came, played, helped set up, pick up, and donated posters (Carson)!  The library ended up being a great spot.  Internet was super fast, the network was super fast and we had lots of room.  The only minor problem we ran into is that the library shuts off their internet at 10:00 p.m.  In the future we’ll see if there is anything we can do about that, if not we will just start the gaming a little earlier to compensate.  Plus, bonus, I am about to send off a check to Eagle Mount for $50.  Thank you to everyone who donated despite our ample seating! :-)  Expect an announcement in the next couple of days regarding the date of our next LAN!

P.S. Check out the photos of the event on the new photo page.

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