LAN Party this Friday!

Posted: 1st August 2010 by admin in Events
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LAN Party is this Friday the 6th at the Bozeman Public Library!  We’re all excited and ready to go!  Kevin and Peter have been practicing StarCraft II so they’ll be awesome at it when the time comes.  I thought I would be super smart and get my copy of StarCraft II from Dell for $45.  That’s a savings of $15 American dollars.  Unfortunately that means I don’t get my copy until Tuesday.  Carson Welch and his design company Uncharted Depths Design donated some incredible posters we have hung up around town.  I have a couple left that I will bring to the LAN in case anyone wants one to adorn their study or home library.  Heather from Game Stop in the mall donated a gigantic StarCraft II box that we will also be giving away (assuming I don’t accidentally destroy it beforehand).  If you cut arm and head holes it would work wonderfully as a Halloween costume.

There has been some talk about having a tournament.  We will not officially be hosting a tournament this time around just because this is our first time at the Library and we don’t know how well everything will work quite yet.  However, if the internet turns out to be adequate, and there is interest, we will set up an ad-hoc tournament as a testing grounds for future events.

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